iHeal CBD

iHeal CBD is a company committed to helping you find a holistic way to deal with chronic pain, inflammation and just the ailments of old age.


We Now Offer 3 Different Hemp Infused Blends

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Supports a sense of calm for focus.



Relax & unwind without the drowsiness in a tropical blend of pineapple and mango.



Relief provides excellent relief for mild to moderate pain through the refreshing flavor of mint and sweet lime. Our formula contains our proprietary terpene blend, including eucalyptol and alpha-pinene.


"Are you looking for 

Calm, Lucid or Relief?"

iHeal CBD

Do you know how to find your sweet spot?

Are you looking to adapt to a natural lifestyle? Are you finding your body becoming immune to OTC products?

Our pharmacists formulated products assist with doing just that, priding ourselves about our products from seed to packaging where we are involved every step of the way. Always delivering consistent, high-quality products with dependable batch-to-batch blends.

You can always look forward to the same superior experience with iHealCBD


All of which are sure to tantalize and awake your senses in as little as one dropperful.


If you are new to taking CBD, we want you to get the most out of your full-spectrum hemp extract. The information here will help you get started on your iHeal CBD wellness routine.

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